What was going on in the rest of the world? (1558-1620)

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Queen Elizabeth takes the throne-1558

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth-1559

Queen dangerously ill with smallpox-1562

William Shakespeare born-1564

Smoking of tobacco was introduced to England by John Hawkins, a slave trader

A party of 1500 Spanish settlers sailed from Vera Cruz to found a settlement on Pensacola Bay, in Florida. They were repulsed by hostile Indians-1559

St. Augustine, FL founded by Pedro Menendez de Aviles-1565

The understanding of human blood circulation was advanced by the work of Italian anatomish Realdo Columbus-1559

Henry II, King of France dies of a head wound received during a jousting tournament-1559

Puritanism begins in Europe-1560

Michaelangelo dies at the age of 89-1564

Queen Elizabeth excommunicated by Pope Pius-1572

Richard Burbage builds first playhouse in London - 1575

Sir Frances Drake returns from England from voyage of circumnavigation-1580

Various attempts to establish a colony in Florida - 1562-1598

Sir Francis Drakes's expedition reaches coast of California(just north of present day San Francisco)-1579

Sir Walter Raleigh discovers and annexes Virginia-1584

First eyewitness picture of American Indians drawn by John White-1587

First English child, Virginia Dare to be born in North America in Roanoke Virginia-1587

Francis Drake embarks on his voyage around the world (via Cape Horn)-1577

Okuni, a woman, founds the first kabuki company in Japan-1586

Shakepeare's Henry VI Part 1,2,3 presented-1590-91

London Theatres closed because of the Plague(killed 15,000 in London)-1593

Shakespeare's first tragedy, Titus Andronicus written-1593

Tomatoes were introduced to England-1596

The Blackfriars Theatre, London, opens-1596

The Globe Theatre built-1599

Queen Elizabeth dies-1603

William Shakespeare dies, April 23, 1616

First theatrical performance given in North America acted on the Rio Grand near present day El Paso, Texas-1598

Many voyages made to America for colonization - 1602-1606

Santa Fe, New Mexico founded-1605

Colony of Jamestown founded-1607 Pocahontas married John Rolfe-1614

Opera is first heard in Italy-1600

First postal rates fixed in Germany-1599

First open air opera in Rome-1606

Galileo constructed the first astronomical telescope-1608

Tea was shipped from China to Europe for the first time by Dutch East India Company-1609

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